What Is The Angels Share?

What Is The Angels Share? 1
Not just a film by Ken Loach the Angels Share also refers to the alcohol lost while the whisky is maturing, Learn more about the Angels share with Uisce Beatha

Whisky Nosing Kits, flavour wheels and tasting notes

The whisky flavour wheel
As a beginner tasting notes can seem rather daunting, as well as utterly absurd, casting my mind back to my own beginnings I often wondered how anyone could detect notes of nutmeg, rose or prune on their favourite dram of whisky. Over time I came to realise that the answer is simple: practice makes perfect, […]

The Scottish Whisky Regions

The Scottish Whisky Regions 2
The motherland of Single Malt Whisky is the Scottish Highlands which also encompass the Speyside and Island regions,  the home of the majority of Scottish distilleries today. The total number fluctuates as new distilleries come online and older sites are shut down. The terms are somwhat interchangably used but as a rule: A “mothballed” or […]

Active Scotch Distilleries

Whisky distilleries of scotland
The below list and map represent the most complete list of active Scotch distilleries Unfortunately standardised data is not available for all distilleries, if you notice anything that’s out of date please comment below or let me know via the contact form!   Distillery Owned By Region Founded Aberfeldy Distillery Bacardi Highlands 1896 Aberlour Distillery Pernod […]

Active Japanese Distilleries

Active Japanese Distilleries 3
The below list and map represent the most complete list of active Japanese distilleries, while a number of other distilleries have historically been active there are only 9 distilleries presently in operation including Suntory’s grain distillery. Yamazaki Distillery The Yamazaki Distillery was founded in 1923 by Kotobukiya (now Suntory) under the ownership of Shinjiro Torii and the expertise of […]

The Norlan Whisky Glass

The Norlan glass
Jim Mcewan, master distiller from Bruichladdich distillery in Islay Described the glass as “fantastic, absolutely just great” noting that “the fact you can get your nose into the glass, and the little fins they’ve done the aeration. You can see it working their you can hear the sound of the waves, the aeration is good. […]

The ‘water of life’ sprang from Scotland and Ireland’s monasteries

The 'water of life' sprang from Scotland and Ireland's monasteries 4
Put simply whisky was originally a cure The newspaper “Daily Mail” reported recently about the 112th birthday of the oldest Briton. Grace Jones, born in 1906, a slim 20 years older than Queen Elizabeth II, has survived two world wars, experienced 26 prime ministers, 5 kings and 10 popes, so far. Her elixir of life […]

That might not be the worlds best whisky

Every few months the newspapers run headlines like : The Independent – Lidl whisky costing £13.49 named one of the best in the world The Metro – Four of Aldi’s whiskies have been named among the best in the world Forbes – Inexpensive Whiskies From Supermarket Aldi Win Gold at 2018 Scotch Whisky Masters Unfortunately, […]

What are No Age Statement Whiskies?

No Age Statement Whiskies are whisky expressions released without a listed age. Sometimes known as flavour lead expressions* these single malts are blends of different age whiskies. In recent years NAS whiskies have become far more common, and incredibly polarising. Distilleries and brands argue that the lack of age statement allows the blender to create […]

The importance of the whisky glass

Your choice of glassware is arguably the most important decision you’re going to make when pouring a whisky, unless you’re adding water, ice or mixer. What is the best whisky glass? The glencairn is widely considered the best all rounder whisky glass and the one most commonly found in your average whisky bar. With a […]

The Whisky Nosing Course

The whisky nosing course was originally published as a booklet for whisky magazine and maintained on their website until August of last year. It is reposted here, unedited and in its entirety to preserve the resource. No affiliate links have been added. Introduction to the Nosing and Tasting Course How much do you know about […]

What’s in a whisky name?

A German distillery sells Swabian single malt whisky. A name that could only evoke associations with Scottish origin, or so argues the Scotch whisky Association before the ECJ. Among other things, Scotland delights visitors with its dreamlike landscape, which is characterized mainly by rough mountains (Bens) and the wide valleys (Glens) between them. The northernmost […]