Adnams Triple Malt Grain Whisky



from Master of Malt

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3.8 out of 5 (14 reviews)

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Master of Malt £36.95

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Which is produced in the distillery Southwold and consists of wheat, barley and oats. Wheat provides the flexibility and the oats for the special creaminess. By maturation in new American oak barrels of malt whiskey achieved a particularly strong aroma. To hear are hints of coconut and chocolate. Nose the whiskey is complex with notes of spices, coconut, toasted oak, citrus and sweet honey. On the palate, plenty of chocolate flavors and spices to taste. The finish is very long and rich and the special quality of this extraordinary British whiskeys. Adnams Triple Malt Grain Whisky is a grain whisky from the Adnams whisky distillery. Rated an average of 3.8 out of 5 by 14 reviewers and available from Master of Malt for only £36.95, with reviews like that this is one grain whisky you can’t afford to miss

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