Arran 10 Year Old



from Master of Malt

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3.9 out of 5 (115 reviews)

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The Arran 10 Years is a creamy, fruity Single Malt Iceland, which is distilled from the waters of Loch na Davie. With it, you acquire a charming whiskey, which revealed through his island atypical taste its own personality. Between the huge granite mountains of the Isle of Arran, near the small village of Lochranza is distilled these great Single Malt Iceland. The island, which some people compare with a miniature version of Scotland, is very popular because of its natural panoramas and rare fauna, especially bird watchers. The warm ocean current of the Gulf, which flows around the island, giving the island a mild and warm climate. Mildness, which is also reflected in Arran 10 Years and is considered atypical for the islands. For his creamy character is an exquisite addition of a bright and intense fruitiness. Arran is a single malt whiskey from the Scottish island of Isle of Arran. As the name suggests, the whiskey matures ten years, in special sherry casks. The result is impressive, because not only the sherry barrels give the whiskey a special note, but also the environment, ie the pure mountain air of the island and the rough sea climate. Already in the nose, it is clear that here the composition of vanilla, chocolate and exotic fruits is extremely successful. The palate is soft, delicate and harmonious, slightly buttery, mouth-filling, with notes of lemon, cinnamon, dark chocolate and a hint of wood. In the finish, it presents itself long, intense and slightly oily. A more balanced, harmonious, peaceful whiskey connoisseurs and lovers convinced. This fine wines should definitely be eaten alone. Arran 10 Year Old is a 10 year old single malt whisky from the Arran whisky distillery. Rated an average of 3.9 out of 5 by 115 reviewers and available from Master of Malt for only £34.0, with reviews like that this is one single malt whisky you can’t afford to miss

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