Ballantine’s Finest (1L) – mid-1990s Blended Whisky




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The whiskey Ballantine’s Finest is a classic of Scottish whiskey. It is exported to some 160 countries and is one of the most famous whiskey brands. About 40 Grain whiskeys and malts are combined in this blend and give the Ballantine’s its own character. The flavor of the Ballantine’s immediately goes deep into the nose, yet it is light and spicy. On the palate, the Ballantine’s affects overall balance and ripe, with hints of vanilla, apple and chocolate. The finish is short, but fresh, floral and surprisingly refined. It is probably the most subtle, sophisticated and yet interesting flavor that has made this whiskey so famous. Also known is its versatility. Whether neat, diluted on ice in a cocktail or water – It always makes a good figure. Ballantine’s Finest (1L) – mid-1990s Blended Whisky is a 1 year old blended whisky from the Ballantine whisky distillery. The best price currently available is from for only £ we don’t have any review data for this blended whisky yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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