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In sherry casks and bottled in a shapely bottle of Bowmore Legend waiting to unfold its peaty malty flavor to a lover palate. The Bowmore Legend comes in a gift box. The Bowmore Legend is an Islay whiskey, which enjoys a legendary reputation. Long It was gone from the shelves. Now It is to have you back and buy in our shop. In 2008, the Scottish distillery was a jolt and brought the youngest of Bowmore family in a newly designed bottle back on the market. The Bowmore Legend spends his eight years maturity period, as most of the Bowmore bottlings in selected Spanish sherry casks. There It developed a dry, peaty taste of contrasts with a fine strike from barley and brown sugar and the legend said goodbye to the finish with a hint of vanilla. The Bowmore Legend is a single malt, which is produced in the Bowmore distillery on the Scottish island of Islay. It was allowed to mature eight years in sherry and bourbon casks and one of the young, wild whiskeys. It is considered a bit characterless, but as It is a Bowmore, is forgiven him. On the nose, the Legend works very smoky and peaty. You can feel the smell of fresh sea air. On the palate it is somewhat immature in terms of the mix of flavors that individual components can then be well received separately however. So you can taste smoke with a strong lemon, a mild influence of honey, a little apple, vanilla and chocolate, but especially peat. In the finish It is only sweet, it is slightly salty. This whiskey you can certainly enjoy and the most pure. Bowmore Legend is a single malt whisky from the Bowmore whisky distillery (located in the Islay region). The best price currently available is from The Green Welly Spot for only £38.99 we don’t have any review data for this single malt whisky yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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