Bushmills Original Blended Irish Whiskey



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The origin of Bushmills whiskey is the “original”. This blend of their own, triple distilled whiskeys times and the fresh and light grain whiskey aged in sherry and oak barrels. This brings the slight sweetness and mild taste in the spirit. In addition, it tastes of fresh fruits and vanilla. The Old Bushmills Distillery is located in Northern Ireland. She is considered one of the oldest distilleries in the world, with over 400 years of tradition. Location is Bushmills in Country Antrim. Today the company is part of the distillery group Casa Cuervo. Bushmills claims the title of “oldest licensed distillery in the world” for themselves. But the Locke’s Distillery will make her this dispute. In addition to the original sets Bushmills several other types of whiskey forth as the Black Bush and malts with different ripening period. There is andersnamige whiskeys such as the Irishman or Clontarf. Bushmills Original Blended Irish Whiskey is a 70 year old blended whisky from the Bushmills whisky distillery. Rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 by 160 reviewers and available from The Drink Super Market for only £21.49, falling slightly short of liquid gold but this in a solid everyday blended whisky.

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