Edradour 10 Year Old



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The Edradour 10 Years is distilled in one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland. With distinct and clear sherry notes it’s an intense single malt and yet one that works well for beginners regardless. The Edradour single malt whiskey is made in the Southern Highlands of Scotland since the 19th century. Scotland is known worldwide for its outstanding distilleries and so the Edradour can indiscriminately be considered one of the best Scotch whiskey. About ten years maturing in this noble oak barrels in which it has time to develop its characteristically strong and spicy character. It smells sweet and sour at the same time, accompanied by a pleasant malt flavor with fruity overtones. The taste is not soft, rather dry, yet very full-bodied. We perceive vanilla, caramel, grapes and dried fruit. In the finish of the Edradour is deep and long, with a significant proportion of sherry. You can mix it, by its subliminal sulfur content it is not suitable for all soft drinks. Therefore better enjoy pure! Edradour 10 Year Old is a 10 year old single malt whisky from the Edradour whisky distillery (located in the Highland region). Rated an average of 4.4 out of 5 by 130 reviewers and available from Amazon for only £39.84, falling slightly short of liquid gold but this in a solid everyday single malt whisky.

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