Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (62.1%) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey



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The story of Elijah Craig is the history of bourbon whiskey. The namesake – Elijah Craig – in the 1800s was a preacher in Kenntucky. It was a teacher, built roads, established companies, but It was all: a great brewmaster. Elijah Craig came in as the father of the Bourbons in history. How exactly It then established its unique whiskey is not fully known. A majority of the records were lost and several stories about its whiskey production became more frequent. But one thing is certain: Elijah Craig turned a clear liquor made from corn to a gold-colored, tasty bourbon whiskey. His time Elijah Craig was the first distiller, who used to tire of his whiskey distilled oak barrels. It quickly realized what incomparable taste this method gave his whiskey. The foundation stone for the today known and unique taste of a Kenntucky bourbon whiskey. Today, the production of Whiskey Elijah Craig is in the hands of the Heaven Hill distillery. Each bottle of bourbon is made with the same method. As two hundred years ago corn and grain from the region are mixed with fresh spring water and then fermented and distilled. After several years of aging in toasted oak barrels, the Meisterdestillateur selects only the best barrels. From them is the famous Whiskey Elijah Craig, whose incomparable character can be tasted in every sip. Fruity notes of apple, caramel and oak dominate the Elijah Craig. Its taste is characterized by the sweetness of vanilla, cinnamon and pepper. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof comes directly from the barrel – we recommend the Elijah Craig pure to drink. Try the unique flavors! Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (62.1%) Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a 62 year old bourbon whiskey. The best price currently available is from The Whisky Exchange for only £105.0 we don’t have any review data for this bourbon whiskey yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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