Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old Oloroso and PX Finish



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The Glenmorangie Lasanta is how most successful whiskeys produced in the Scottish Highlands. The Glenmorangie Distillery attaches great importance to carefully selected ingredients, careful processing and sufficiently long maturation and storage. The term ” Lasanta ” stands for passion, and that’s what embodies this fiery whiskey. First, it stores a few years in bourbon oak barrels, then in sherry casks. This storage is responsible for its complex flavor. This is reflected in fine wood and smoky tones, with hints of vanilla, toffee and sherry. On the palate, sherry notes, facets of caramel and orange unfold, with a delicate flavor of raisins and nuts. A total of warm, harmonious whiskey, which continue for the long finish, very soft and full-bodied comes also. When pure enjoyment It is not too intrusive, if you like, can refine it with water. Glenmorangie Lasanta 12 Year Old Oloroso and PX Finish is a 12 year old single malt whisky from the Glenmorangie whisky distillery (located in the Highland region). Rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 by 2 reviewers and available from The Whisky Exchange for only £45.95, falling slightly short of liquid gold but this in a solid everyday single malt whisky.

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