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J & B Whiskey is one of the most popular Scottish blends ever. Its balanced and round taste leaves on the tongue a nice, long, fruity-fresh taste. Experienced experts compose a drop of just under forty grain whiskeys from the Speyside, which really counts among the best that Scotland has to offer. The history of J & B dates back to the 18th century. Justerini (the name stands for the “J” in “J & B”) moved in 1749 for love from the beautiful Bologna in the bustling city life of London. Equipped with lots of recipes for liquor, It meets George Johnson in the English capital and opens a wine shop with him. In 1831 the business was bought up by Albert Brooks. Under his guidance, It specializes in the distribution of whiskey. A wise decision, as it should turn out in the coming years. Because the J & B Rare brings the company big profits every year. In taste it is a prime example of a J & B whiskey. It is complex and rich in flavors, soft and balanced – just delicious. The J & B Rare is a Scottish blend with a fine and smooth taste. It is made from almost forty Grain whiskeys from the Speyside, which give it a fresh and special character in interaction. 88.5 / 100 pts. Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2010 J & B Rare whiskey is a blended Scotch whiskey, which consists of not less than 42 different whiskeys. The special composition for its soft and exceptional character just is responsible. The manufacturer would only leave out one of the 42 whiskeys, the aroma of the J & B Rare Whiskey would completely change. The light, fruity aroma comes from the Scottish Speyside malt whiskeys that shape the soft heart of J & B Rare. The amber J & B Rare whiskey is optionally pure drunk on ice or with coke. Pur developed J & B Rare a fruity mild flavor reminiscent soft and slightly sweet of almonds. J & B Rare Whiskey is a product of whiskey manufacturer Justerini & Brooks, which was founded in 1749 under the name Johnson & Justerini in London. Today the company is part of the Diageo drinks company. J & B Rare is a blended whisky. Rated an average of 3.5 out of 5 by 63 reviewers and available from Master of Malt for only £19.15, with reviews like that this is one blended whisky you can’t afford to miss

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