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Macnamara Rum Finish Blended Whiskey is a premium rum with a fine and rummy. This blended Scotch whiskey is distinguished by its high malt content of about 40 percent aus.Dieser whiskey is the son of the sea ‘. This means the term Macnamara. The spirit is produced on the island of Skye in Scotland. The gentle rum flavor receives the whiskey by storage in rum barrels Guiana. The Scotch is stored in the rum barrels for a year. This It takes on the flavor of rum and additionally receives a wonderful Süße.Die distillery Praban Na Linne was founded in 1976 on the Isle of Skye by Iain Noble beard. To this day she is at home on the Scottish island. The company now has three different whiskeys. Including the Poit Dhubh Fine Gaelic, which means like black pot, Te Bheag Connoisseurs Gaelic whiskey, the little lady and Macnamara Rum Finish Blended Whiskey, the ‘Son of Meeres’.Dieser rough whiskey was not chill-filtered. This blend was made of various high-quality whiskeys which originate from Scotland. The slightly oily spirit impresses with fine smoke flavorings and a pleasant sweetness, combined with the delicate aroma of rum. The gourmets also expect tones of toffee, biscuit and citrus. In the aftermath of the Macnamara Rum Finish blended whiskey is of medium length. A unique treat! This whiskey from the house Praban Na Linne was introduced on the market 1992nd Thus especially whiskey connoisseurs should be addressed who prefer less vigorous blend. A fine droplets with a pleasant Torfnote in Abgang.Den Macnamara Rum Finish blended whiskey you can now order particularly favorable in our online shop. Look at our other spirits. Conalco delivers your order directly from stock. So get your quality spirits within a few days to your home. MacNaMara Rum Cask Finish is a blended whisky. The best price currently available is from for only £ we don’t have any review data for this blended whisky yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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