Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Blended Irish Whiskey



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From Ireland, the famous land of whiskey, of John Powers Gold Label comes. Since about 1800, the special fire is distilled to the Emerald Isle, and the distillery founded by James Power 1791 belonged at that time to do so. Today comes from this traditional house of John Powers Gold Label whiskey, which enjoys great popularity throughout Ireland. This particular Irish whiskey is triple distilled and then matured in the old tradition in oak barrels in which was stored previously Bourbon. This creates a special flavor, the eye’s been a joy. For the golden color invites you to enjoy and is a honey-sweet aroma of himself, which a little pepper smell is mixed. The taste is spicy and yet you can see both honey and wooden nuances. The finish is a pleasant sweetness that rounds off to enjoy fully. John invites you to pure pleasure, and can be served either chilled or with ice. The special drink is a hot John Powers Gold Label in the cold season; but beware: it must not heat up cooking in! To Irish coffee it is a special treat that is with cold cream, a Geschmackserlebenis. Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Blended Irish Whiskey is a blended whisky. Rated an average of 4.2 out of 5 by 42 reviewers and available from Amazon for only £28.75, falling slightly short of liquid gold but this in a solid everyday blended whisky.

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