Redbreast 15 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey



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The Redbreast 15 Years is a rarity that is only available every few years. Therefore they should access necessarily, who knows when the next chance offers to enjoy this unique Irish pot still. Better whiskey can not taste. After the Jameson distillery was closed, one has the pure pot still delivered only to mid 80s. A few years ago the brand was revived thanks to the IDG and manufactured in New Midleton today. Earlier the Redbreast had an excellent reputation and is considered one of the last Irish whiskey of its kind. The Redbreast 15 Years, the elder brother of the 12 Years is in the recipe and the pure pot still process the same, but the 15 Years is far stronger and voluminous. This pure pot still aged in bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks and is taste the Scotch whisky in nothing nach.Auch if they are not a fan of Irish whiskeys, will convince the Redbreast otherwise. The Whiskey Redbreast 15 Year Old Single Pot Still is described as smelling fruity, grapes and citrus. The taste is sweet and mild, caramel and fruit and pepper. The long and strong finish is again a rare marriage of the finest flavors and the sweetness of Sherry.Die brand is now available again after they had been taken in the 80s by the market. The Jameson distillery was closed and been revived thanks to the IDG and re-established in New Midleton. Redbreast whiskey has previously had an excellent reputation and is regarded as an Irish whiskey to the old model. Today it is produced as a 12 and 15 years, the 15 year old is considered to be much more voluminous. The maturation is carried out in barrels of bourbon and Oloroso sherry, so the taste is similar to Scotch whiskey. The distillate is chillfiltered and bottled in drinking strength. This distillate already received several awards, at the World Whiskeys Awards 2014 “World’s Best Pot Still”. Redbreast is one of the few brands that are currently at all makes a pot still. Redbreast 15 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a 15 year old single pot still whisky. Rated an average of 4.6 out of 5 by 25 reviewers and available from Amazon for only £69.9, falling slightly short of liquid gold but this in a solid everyday single pot still whisky.

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