Stetson Bourbon Whiskey



from Master of Malt

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John B. Stetson was the invention of the Stetson hat. This headgear spoke for the lightness of being. So the. This high-quality liquor is prepared by a top secret traditional family recipe. this is distilled wines from corn. On the tongue are a smoky oak spice and a hint of vanilla and caramel to bear. This whiskey has a beautiful mahogany color, which is light golden. Its typical flavor gets the spirit of the maturation in small barrels made of American white oak. The best enjoyed neat on ice so as not to distort the unique taste. Stetson Bourbon Whiskey is a bourbon whiskey. The best price currently available is from Master of Malt for only £29.0 we don’t have any review data for this bourbon whiskey yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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