Whisky News

Are all Whiskies Kosher?

Recently (at the time of writing) Johnnie Walker has been in the news for losing its kosher certification meaning it ‘may’ be unfit for Jewish consumption. Although it impacts only a fraction of global whisky drinkers the question drives straight to the heart of whisky production. Find out why whisky might not always be considered kosher with Uisce Beatha.

Ardbeg ISS Whisky is Out of this World

Its whisky Jim but not as we know it! Almost four long years after Ardbeg boldy went where no other dram has gone before the results are in. Find out more with Uisce Beatha

Speyside UNESCO Hopes

With the Inclusion of France’s Champage region to the World Heritage list, Scotland’s Speyside whisky region has its eyes on equal status, find out more with Uisce Beatha

Scotland’s 115 Distillery Opens

Whisky is being produced on the site of the closed Imperial distillery once again with the official opening of the Dalmunach distillery by Nicola Sturgeon. Find out more about Scotland’s 115th distillery

Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich to Retire

Jim McEwan the instantly recognisable face of Bruichladdich has announced his plans to retire in July, Learn more about Jim & his legacy with Uisce Beatha

Glenmorangie Sells Off SMWS

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has been sold to a group of private investors allowing Glenmorangie to focus on its Glenmorangie and Ardbeg expressions. Find out more with Uisce Beatha

Taiwanese Whisky Now Worlds Best

Whisky magazine has awarded the Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique the title of world’s best single malt. Making for the second year ever this prestigious award has not been held by either Scotland or Japan.

Whisky Tax Calculator

The SWA is calling for a 2% reduction in the alcohol duty in the upcoming budget. Their claim that the 80% of the price of an average bottle of Scotch is tax has made headlines, but is it accurate? Learn the truth with Uisce Beatha

Does Whisky Terroir Matter?

Does the terroir – or specificity of place – have any meaning in the world of whisky, what is the impact of climate, soil, and terrain on whisky production? Can this simply be transplanted or is their more to the subject. Find out more with Uisce Beatha

Glenmorangie Unseen Pop-Up London

Glenmorangie have announced their first ever pop-up event in the heart of Soho. Running from the 13th to the 21st of March the pop-up will feature unseen cocktails crafted by expert mixologists, food pairings and the “Glenmorangie vault” featuring the Glenmorangie 1963 & the Glenmorangie Pride 1978 by the dram as well as the chance to take home the brands 1970’s collection

New Zealand 25 Year Old 1988 is Liquid Gold

Jim Murray has just awarded the New Zealand Whisky Collection 1988 Cask Strength his coveted liquid gold award. Learn more with about this limited release whisky from the last whisky distillery to close its doors in New Zealand

The £1 million Rose of Annandale

Annandale distillery which re-opened in 2007 has become the first Scotch to put its first cask up for sale, for £1 million! Learn more about what might be one of the most expensive, untasted whiskies ever sold with uisce beatha