Glenfiddich’s Gravity Defying Whisky

Firstly this has nothing to do with the ISS, which is so far has hosted Ardbeg and now Suntory spirits, you can find out more their respective studies on microgravity maturation here and microgravity mellowing here. Instead this is about the new rather fantastic video for the Glenfiddich 21 21 Year Old Gran Reserva which you can see below*.

Whisky By Gravity Thinking

The video put together by London based agency Gravity Thinking features Puerto Rican artist, Calma Carmona, Gaby Oliver, Hector “Coco” Barez, and the Co-OPERAtive Scotland orchestra performing their take on ‘Love Illumination’ by Franz Ferdinand (you can see the original song here). All the while the visuals of the whisky focus on the wave patterns induced by the music.

The Science of Cymatics

Carrying the legend “this film was created using the science of cymatics” the visuals primarily centre around the whisky and the wave patterns that appear within the beautiful cymatics sculptures (created by Ten Hertz) created by the vibrations of the musicians instruments and vocals. It is however worth noting that while Cymatics is merely the picturesque vibrations of sounds within a liquid it’s also got a darker pseudo-science association which is often claimed to have healing properties. ‘Cymatics’ derived from the Greek ‘kuma’ to billow’ or ‘wave,’ is the study of sound and vibration made visible, typically on the surface of a plate or membrane. The incredible visuals of in the finishing touch pair the periodic effects that the instruments and vocals have on the rum finished spirit. of the four machines the “Double Helix” and the “Zig Zag” were particularly impressive but the fourth and final managed to suspend a drop of the whisky in mid-air delivering the “finishing touch” to the bottle.

Glenfiddich “The Finishing Touch”

The Whisky Itself

With a tagline of “raised in Scotland, roused by the Caribbean”, malt master Brian Kinsman added his finishing touch to Gran Reserva, which is described as “an exquisite, traditional Speyside whisky, rich and ripe with Glenfiddich signature notes” via the unusual choice of rum seasoned bourbon barrels. That is to say rather than using rum barrels the staves themselves were seasoned before double maturation. As the spirit has only just been launched getting a hold of a sample has not yet been possible however reception of those who have has been wildly mixed, some being particularly muted on the subject, others being far more vocal in criticising the price tag for what they consider a very similar whisky. While i’m always hesitant of splashing out on a £140 bottle with such reviews you can try a sample for only £11.86 from the chaps at Master of Malts so I’ve got one on order. and I’ll report back shortly. In the meantime you can find out a little more with a behind the scenes look at the making of Finishing Touch.