The Glencairn Glass

First produced in 2001 the Glencairn has become something of a go to choice for a great many whisky drinkers inspiring a number of similar glasses. Noting that whisky has never had an official glass in the same way as wine, sherry or brandy Glencairn Crystal Ltd founder and managing director Raymond Davidson set out to create one, modelling it on the sherry copita traditionally used by master blenders. In conjunction with five master distillers;  Robert Mcelroy from Diagio, David Stewart from William Grant & Sons, Robert Hicks from Allied Distillers, Richard Paterson of Whyte & Mackay and John Ramsey of the Edrington group, Paul Davidson (eldest son of Raymond Davidson) revised his fathers original prototype. The original smaller glass, which was never patented and is thus produced by other brands, evolved into the large bulbous we use today.
The Glencairn glass is perfect for appreciating colour, nosing and tasting whisky
The wide bowl allows for full appreciation of the whiskies colour, the tapered mouth of the glass facilitates nosing enhancing appreciation of the aromas and savouring your whisky. It’s no wonder it’s fast becoming the default glass at whisky tastings throughout Scotland and Ireland. Now if we can only convince bars and pubs to adopt it we can finally ditch the old fashioned tumbler! You can learn more from with the below video from Richard Patterson as well as my references & reading list.