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The Ileach Cask Strength is a true single malt whiskey from the Scottish island of Islay, the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides. Ileach is the name of the locals. The name of the distillery is not known, making the whiskey more mysterious. but what is clear its unique bouquet. Even when pouring the single malt gives off a very smoky flavor, as well as slightly sweet with a hint of orange. On the palate the Ileach Cask Strength developed a sweet and oily texture, smoky, with marine notes. One also hears a taste of lemon peel, nutmeg and clove. It has a slightly astringent. In the finish It surprised with a long-lasting, dry and smoky flavor. This whiskey you should definitely enjoy pure, optionally with some ice. Ileach Cask Strength is a single malt whisky (located in the Islay region). Rated an average of 3.8 out of 5 by 54 reviewers and available from Amazon for only £44.63, with reviews like that this is one single malt whisky you can’t afford to miss

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