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With the Okayama single malt a real feature comes on the German market. The distillery is a Miyashita since 1915 established manufacturer of sake and other alcoholic beverages. Only in 2011 Miyashita has begun to store distillates on wood to make mature them into a whiskey. As a starting point the distillery for the Okayama uses 100% malted barley, half of which comes from German cultivation and the other half of Japanese production. The first whiskey bottles were bottled after three years aging in 2015, just right to celebrate the 100th anniversary. For the reduction of the Japanese Okayama single malt to drinking strength water is used from a well of 80 to 100 meters depth. This fountain is one of the 100 most famous mineral water fountain in Japan. Normally, the water is used for the production of sake, because it is velvety soft. It is also interesting that the apparatus for distillation of single malts is manufactured in Germany Pot Still. Okayama Single Malt is a single malt whisky. The best price currently available is from Master of Malt for only £134.95 we don’t have any review data for this single malt whisky yet, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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