Tomatin 12 Year Old Bourbon & Sherry Casks



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Tomatine 12 Y.O. is an exquisite single malt, which has an elegant appearance. Aroma and flavor are smooth and sweet. In addition, the aroma is blessed with freshness and air, to which malt and fruits join; Do not forget the touch of peat. On the palate the Tomatin brings 12 Y.O. a balance of different fruits to light. Apples, pears malt and support each other in taste and are excellent balanced. The sherry wood that mixes this seems not necessarily to fit at first glance, but this little feature has its fans. Maturation of Whiskey initially spends in oak barrels – then it rests only the last 6 to 9 months in Sherry casks. As the successor of a 10-year from the same distillery the Tomatin 12 Y.O anno 2003 was supplied to the shelves. The Tomatin distillery is located in the same place, which is located in the Scottish Highlands. In 1897 it was founded, is located 315 meters above sea level and at that time was one of the greatest Scottish distilleries. It manufactures various whiskeys: blends, Limited Releases and single malts. Alone of the latter, there is next to the Tomatin 12 Y.O. a few other varieties to taste well worth it. These include the Legacy, the 15 and 18 year old Tomatin and batch release in 1988 and the Cú Bocan. Tomatin 12 Year Old Bourbon & Sherry Casks is a 12 year old single malt whisky from the Tomatin whisky distillery (located in the Highland region). Rated an average of 3.3 out of 5 by 89 reviewers and available from The Whisky Exchange for only £40.95, with reviews like that this is one single malt whisky you can’t afford to miss

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