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Barley & The James Hutton Institute

With ambitious plans for the creation of feed and bio-fuel from whisky waste, efforts to tackle diseases such as Rhynchosporium commune and the prospect of a £23million international centre for the study of barley whisky drinkers have a lot to raise their glasses for. Sláinte

Whisky Tasting: The Nose

In the excitement of whisky tasting a lot of otherwise enthusiastic drinkers skip this vital step, although more complex than it sounds properly appreciating a good whisky requires you indulge in a spot of olfactory indulgence. If you’ve ever attended a whisky tasting you’ll likely have been surprised how much emphasis is placed on the scent but for very good reason. Discover the art and the science behind nosing your whisky

Glenlivet 12 to be Discontinued?

Disturbing rumours are surfacing regarding the future of the Glenlivet 12 in key markets, although as yet not clear reports from Whisky.de suggest that this flagship is to be replaced by the newly launched Founder’s Reserve in some countries, in others these are likely to be sold side by side. This from Words of Whisky […]

Whisky and Digital Marketing

Tragically despite highly interesting histories, and often excellent offline marketing very few Scotch Whisky brands have embraced digital marketing in the way that American Whiskey brands have. From basic UX and speed website fixes to thin and inaccessible content this conservative approach deprives many drinkers access to the brands and tipples they would likely come to love

Supermarket Whisky Overview

Supermarket Whiskies are often sneered upon because of their label, and in some instances their price tab but don’t rule them out or you might be missing some stand out malts.

Bourbon is Whisky

There’s a common, albeit understandable misconception that Bourbon is in some way inferior to Scotch Whisky, it’s not though it is distinctly different. Learn to differentiate Whiskey from Whisky and what makes Bourbon so uniquely American with Uisce Beatha

Scotch Whisky Industry in Turmoil

In the warm afterglow of Burns night it’s perhaps time to once again take a look at the Scotch Whisky and its role and treatment within the UK economy. Recent reports value its contribution at over 5bn placing it higher than steel, iron or computers and half the size of pharmaceuticals but the industry is groaning under taxes and suppliers are looking outwards rather than inwards for growth.

Whisky and Japanese

A good whisky comes from Scotland. Especially if it’s a single malt ggoes the old adage. But this unwritten law wobbled and fell apart thanks to Japanese distillates. Once called exotics, they’re getting rid of more and more prizes at competitions and blind tastings – setting trends. Now the top position is endangered. “For relaxing […]