Whiskies of Ireland

Ireland and Scotland have been arguing for ages about who made the first whisk(e)y, and who does it best. That’s a matter for another time though, in recent years Ireland has seen a huge resurgence in whisky production and is well worth a look.

Bushmills, Redbreast, Connemara and any old Cooley bottles are well worth exploring. Be warned however that while a huge range of distilleries have sprung up in recent years very few have whiskies over 5 years old. The whisky you’re drinking today might not be indicative of the brand or distillery in days to come.

Choose between Single Malt or Irish Pot Still

Irish whiskey is generally a bit milder than the Scottish as it is generally distilled 3 times, only Auchentoshan does triple distillation in Scotland. The exception to this is the Irish Pot Still style, the result of bizarre tax levies in days gone by lead to a mixture of malted and unmalted barley is used in the mashbill. The result is a delightful peppery, liquorice quality. In all other ways preparation is identical to that of the Irish single malt whiskey.

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