Scotland’s 115 Distillery Opens

Dalmunach Distillery situated on the site of the former Imperial Distillery mothballed since 1998 has become Scotland’s 115 active distillery. A complete list can be found on our List of active distilleries page. The launch of the new distillery at a cost of some £25 million sees a continued push of investment by Chivas in Scotland.

Scotland’s Iconic Whisky Brands

Opened by Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s highly popular first minister and leader of the SNP, Dalmunach Distillery sees the countries whisky producing capacity grow by some 10 million litres a year. Speaking at the opening Nicola Sturgeon commented “Scotch Whisky is one of Scotland’s iconic brands and is in huge demand all over the globe due to the exceptional quality the industry produces. It is hugely important to the Scottish economy and its protected EU status means it has an unmatched international reputation.”

An Architectural Marvel

Douglas Cruickshank, the former Production Director for Chivas oversaw both the design and construction of the new Dalmunach distillery in conjunction with a range of businesses from the nearby area.
dalmunach distillery casting a reflection on the water at night
The unusual shape of the distillery was modelled after a sheaf of barley the core ingredient in malt whisky. Housing 8 tulip shaped copper pot stills and onion shaped spirit stills arranged in a circular shape and a hexagonal spirit safe with waterfall feature the distillery is modern but with a backwards nod to the Imperial Distillery which shared its site.